I am an Apple Support Professional

As an Apple Certified Support Professional and 33-year Mac user, I can help you set up your new Mac, iPad or iPhone, and peripheral devices (printer, scanner, hard drive, etc.), build a secure network for your home or office, and get you online via cable or wireless — you name it. I cover basic introduction to the operation of your devices, customizing and optimizing your system, organizing your files, installing and learning applications, and troubleshooting — and I’ll teach you lots of tips, techniques and shortcuts to make using your Mac more productive and enjoyable.

I can create personalized cheat sheets that explain any procedure in a way you understand, and to which you can refer after our session.

I make house calls!

I work with you as a tutor/trainer at your home or office, in the Naples area. After one or more sessions at your location, I can also offer ongoing coaching and support via telephone, and an application that allows me to work with you while at my office — from extended training sessions to brief calls that focus on one or two tasks at hand. For your independent study, I’ll recommend reading materials and tutorials — online, in print, and in video.

Who am I?

As an enthusiastic Mac user since 1986, it is my job to completely immerse myself in the world of Mac, stay up-to-date on the latest developments by scouring websites and literature, extract the information that’s relevant to your situation, and then tailor it in such a way that you can absorb it easily, regardless of your skill level. I am an Apple Certified Support Professional.


Jeff has been using  products since he used his first Mac SE in Journalism classes at Northern Kentucky University. Over the years Jeff has used every version of the Mac OS from System 6 to macOS 10.14.
Jeff attended Northern Kentucky University in his native state of Kentucky, and graduated with a B.A. in Journalism with a minor in English.
Jeff moved to Naples in 1999, was married to ChristiAnne in 2009 and they now have two children.


Most recently, Jeff earned:

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