Privacy Policy

About private data on your hard drive: You have an absolute right to your privacy. I will not touch your personal data, unless there is a specific reason to do so, in which case you have to give me specific permission in real time before I open anything. It may slow an interaction down, but I don’t care. Your trust is way more important than time. In every interaction near your private data, you have complete control and I won’t open a data folder or file until you tell me it’s okay with you.

About your personal information given to me: Here too, I believe very much in your right to privacy. None of my customer information will be for sale or rent or trade or loan or shared in any way with any third party, short of a court order or legal requirement. Any personal information that you provide to me is held in confidence, including your contact coordinates, and any data from your drive supplied during any technical support interaction. I will not remember or recall passwords unless you specifically request that I record them, I recommend 1Password software to manage passwords.