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Welcome to

Naples Mac Help

Your one stop Mac expert!


Hi Jeff,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all of the support that you have provided to me and my company over the last 5 years.  As the owner of a consulting firm, it is critical that I have my computer systems up and running optimally at all times.  You respond to my requests and address my business needs expediently, which is critical to me and the clients that I support.  

When I recommend your services to my friends and business colleagues, I refer to you as my IT support service for that is truly what you are for me.  You keep me up and functioning as I need to be, to be successful and remain competitive in my field.  You respond to my requests within minutes and offer solutions that put my mind at ease.  When my peripheral monitor crashed, you had an alternative solution emailed to me within minutes.  The links you provided had me able to click, order my new monitor, and have it delivered within 24 hours, all done within the space of 5 minutes.  Had I needed to research that on my own, it would have taken me hours.  You also understand the way that my system is set up and help me to make the best use of the multiple computer products that I have.  I appreciate how efficient you help me to be!!

I am very grateful for you Jeff.  Quite simply, you know your stuff!  You approach every challenge I present with a positive solution.  I particularly enjoy the time that you have spent walking through my business practices and made recommendations that have improved my processes.  It puts my mind at ease knowing that you are here to support me!

Kindest regards,

Donna A Cullen, CLSSS, RQAP-GCP  

President, Auditrial

I truly appreciate Jeff Bohr. He’s very professional. And always makes time to come within a day or two when I’m in trouble with my computer. He’s so smart and knowledgeable. He’s the best. 

Janis Siegel.

DATA RECOVERY….And a Lot More!

You Do NOT  have to be physically in Naples to get help when things go wrong with your Mac!

I lost all my data, even my email, while doing my five months in New Jersey.  And get this!  A modern updated Apple store is 5 miles from my door in New Jersey. 

Immediately I went there and they kept my Mac overnight.  They even used the manager of the Genius Bar.   And failed to get my data.   They got a lot of it but they said important items including all my financial records on Quicken were gone.

Jeffrey Bohr had come to my home in Naples three or four times over the last say 5 years. So I turned to him.

Yes he can do the work remotely by taking over your screen. So it does not matter where you are when you need help!

Two hours later I had all my data!

All my Quicken,  even the lost email that Apple store had only done partially.

I run my business from that machine!

Life Saver !  And yes I had a back up but that did not work either!  It's Jeff to the rescue as they say.   

But it's a lot more than that.  He does the little things to because even at the end of all the data rescue.  ( i thought he might be tired ) I did ask if he could show me how to do a signature drop down.   That took all of five minutes but I had really wanted to learn how to do that. So that got taken care of too.

He is there for the big stuff!  But he's just great with helping people learn little things so just make a list and get him on the phone and no time at all you'll be doing anything you want. And you do not have to be home and you do not have to be in Naples!  I am proof.

I am 71. And was the head of product development for E. F. HUTTON, so many of you may remember that company!   Currently I own half of Safe Harbor Financial in Philadelphia. Obviously being in finance we have to be accurate with everything so this is no lighthearted recommendation.

Jeffrey Bohr is absolutely A MUST HAVE, if you have a Mac!  Ha!  He should come with every machine sold at the Naples Waterside Store!

—Douglas Carter Schwarzwaelder CLU

What a pleasure it is, always, to hear my doorbell ring and welcome Jeff Bohr to help me get the most from by Apple products! Just recently, when he came, I handed him a long list of questions, all of which he easily answered, often in innovative ways, beginning with fixing a problem I had been having with my printer!

My questions covered: How to block emails that I receive as Messages. How to permanently delete a popular program I no longer wish to have on my computer (Facebook). The best procedure to change my iPhone carrier. Zoom procedures and what will work best according to my needs. How to effectively use my new Apple TV+. How I could use my library card to borrow an ebook or audiobook, at no charge, using the app Libby, by Overdrive.com. Which cable I should purchase to connect my headphones to a phone jack on my recently purchased acoustic piano. Why I should use and rely on the website Thewirecutter.com, sponsored by The New York Times, for the most expert advice he feels they provide on all kinds of tech products (I recently purchased an electric toothbrush at their recommendation).

It’s always with regret when I must say “Goodbye” to Jeff, wondering what questions I’ve forgotten to ask. I always know, however, that he’s only a phone call away and will come again when I need him, bringing with him his marvelously caring and friendly attitude along with all the skills (and more) that one would expect from an Apple Certified professional. 

—Jeannette Boucher

My wife and I have been clients of Jeff Bohr's for over 5 years now.  I discovered Jeff’s services after on of my one line banking accounts was hacked and funds removed.

Jeff was GREAT!  He immediately gave my wife and I a crash course in cyber security , changed all our account names, passwords wi-fi setting, cell phone security , et.al.   We immediately felt safer,

Since then Jeff has continually proved he is the MAC Genius of genius’.  He has been our go to guy with troubles, advise and equipment for computing, printing and even suggestions for phones.  My wife and I are old enough to “pre date” the computer revolution….. Jeff has long been our bridge into understanding “  this electronic/ computing stuff !   I’ll never have to go wait at the Apple Store again since I have Jeff.

I give his services 5 Stars!

—Gregory F. Boron

I never seem to ever write things good or bad about people I have had do work for me but I must say I have to brag on Jeff Bohr.  I was in need of some extensive organization in my computer and a friend referred me to Jeff. When he arrived I explained what I wanted, he listened, ask me a few questions, then he told me what I needed and boom he did it. Fast and perfect, then he then sat with me to explain how he did the things I wanted to accomplish so I understood. He was fabulous!!! I’ve used him ever since over the years. When I need small things done he’s right here no problem or bigger things I’m working on he takes care of it all. I can actually say in all my years of working with IT people this man knows everything about a computer and how to achieve anything you are trying to do.  He’s the Best!!!! 

—Cindy Lieber 

Left high and dry for computer help after my divorce I reached out to as many business owners that I knew and Jeff was the name that came up. Wow! And I thought my ex-husband was my apple guru. I’ve switched camps. Jeff is so on top of the old and new technology. He’s patient. He’s fast. And he’s generous of time.

—Suzie Muchnick postures.com

I am a super senior that is an active user of my Apple computer. My computer is great, but it would be pretty useless without Jeff Bohr standing in the wings. I don’t have the experience or skills to deal with many of the issues that pop-up from time to time. Jeff is my friendly and handy computer doctor whenever needed.

Jeff is a very energetic and accommodating fellow. He always finds time to deal with my questions promptly. He makes me feel that I am doing him a favor by calling on his services. He even makes me feel that I am not stupid. That is hard to do.

Jeff answers phone calls and emails promptly. He loves his work, and it shows.

I recommend Jeff Bohr without any reservations.

—Karl Sheffield, Naples

I started using Naples Mac Help about three years ago, I had just made the switch from PC to Mac. This was a whole new world for me, so I was a little nervous at the time and as a professional photographer and multi media producer the computer was as important to me as my cameras. I called Jeff so that I could get an expert evaluation as to how I had set up the system, and also to get some training on certain aspects of working with the Mac. Jeff was brilliant! He took the mystery out of working in the Mac world and left me feeling very comfortable. Since then I have used Jeff’s expertise to bounce technical ideas off, get up to speed on the latest developments that are relevant to my industry, and how to expand and develop my system without breaking the bank. When the rare situation arose, such as a failed hard drive and a messed up Time Machine reinstall by me, Jeff helped me get back up and running within hours. Having Jeff is like having my own IT guy on site…it’s a very comfortable feeling…especially from those of us who came from the “dark side” of the PC world!

—Gareth Rockliffe, Naples Gareth Rockliffe Photography

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jeff Bohr, an Apple Certified Support Professional covering Estero to Marco… Jeff is exceptionally talented and fully up to date on all of Apple’s products and software updates…..Jeff has been my Apple Tech for the past 6 years installing systems, updating and teaching one how to use the various devices from Apple and insuring that I get the most from my Apple products whether it be the iPhone, iPad or our desk top computer, etc…

—Ron Tarantino

Jeff, Thank you so much for helping me with my Mac, iPhone and iPad! I had my Mac for over 3 years, attended Apple classes, and had one on one Apple instruction (along with numerous phone calls) but until you spent a couple of hours with me I never felt like I understood anything about my Mac and was ready to give it up! I am enjoying my Mac now so much more and I learned new tricks for the iPhone and iPad that make them even more fun to use!

I’ll be calling again soon for a touch up and to learn even more new things! You made it easy and enjoyable. Thank you!

—Mary Parsons

VP & Associate General Counsel/Chief Operations Counsel*

Health Management Associates, Inc.

Jeff, It has been a great source of relief to find you since my previous guru moved away.

Your warm and exuberant personality make the appointments fun as well as informative. You obviously love what you are doing because it shows. Thanks again.

—Christi Lavoy, Naples botanistix.com

We’ve discovered Jeff is a much better resource than Apple Store staff for occasional problems and questions with our Mac products and home broadband and wi-fi network. He resolves issues quickly, effectively and conveniently — in our home! Jeff is knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic and a real pleasure to work with. He has high integrity and clearly enjoys what he does. His services are worth the money you’ll spend, and we recommend him without reservation.

—Bob & Georgia Fisher, Naples

My wife and I have been using Jeff Bohr exclusively for our computer needs for the past two years. His assistance and expertise has been exceptional.

As senior citizens I consider ourselves part of the technological challenged generation. That makes Jeff’s approach an important asset.

He responds quickly to requests for assistance, does not hesitate to inconvenience himself for the convenience of his clients, always patient and respectful, has kept his training current, a good instructor and coach, with excellent intuition for the basis of your problems, (ie. first plug in and push start!)

Cost of service is not inexpensive, but always fair and considerate.

We hope to soon change to “smart phones” and have asked Jeff to “get us started” correctly…

Without hesitation, Jeff Bohr has our unconditional recommendation.

—Larry Lane

As a business owner, my days are packed with clients, meetings, and hectic deadlines. Taking the time to solve a computer issue, or head to the apple store to wait in line, is not on my agenda. Not only is Jeff able to telecommute and help solve problems from afar, he is easy to connect with in person as well. His tips are quick and helpful, and he explains things in a way that make sense. He is a great resource, and helps us to keep things at BEYOND MOTION running smoothly.

—Amy Lademann, go2beyondmotion.com

I feel blessed to know Jeff Bohr. I have had the pleasure of working with him in my business for the past 3 years. He has completely taught me all the NEW techniques that I need to use on my Apple computer and digital scanner. There is never a question that is too hard for him to answer or a problem that he cannot solve. I am astounded by his computer knowledge and expertise. And he knows how to explain everything on anyone’s level of computer knowledge.

I feel as if Jeff has become a part of our family. If I am not home I will leave the door open for him. He is reliable, punctual, and he always has a smile on his face. If I encounter a work emergency he will help me over the phone. I would recommend Naples Mac Help for anyone’s computer service.. I go to Jeff for all advice about what equipment to buy and I can always depend on him for all installations. No job is too big for him. He is a delight. My business is enhanced because of Jeff Bohr.

—Joan Jacobs/Art Talk Inc./Art Historian joanjacobsarttalk.com

I’ve learned all I know about my MAC from Jeff Bohr, my MAC tutor, consultant, teacher and all.

Jeff keeps up with all the latest MAC changes and technology. He is very dedicated and knowledgeable.

I know I can count on him to not only troubleshoot problem areas but also to teach new skills.

I would highly recommend Jeff if you are looking to increase your knowledge and expertise in the field of APPLE products.

—Carol, Naples, FL

I have been a client of Jeff Bohr since my husband introduced me to my first Mac over four years ago. During that time, I have steadily grown in confidence and capability to where I can tackle fairly sophisticated tasks such as event invitations, family celebrations and photographic albums. Jeff has always been available through my many projects and along with the instructional booklet he prepared for me, I have been able to resolve these issues and learn in the process. When I run into a major problem I can email Jeff a question and usually within an hour he has answered me with a solution. My Mac friends are now using Jeff based on my endorsement and are all pleased with his service, plus the Naples City Council has retained Jeff to consult on their Apple capabilities.

—Kathy Woods, Naples

Jeff, Sandy and I really appreciate your technical knowledge, work ethic, and flexibility to help us with all of our Apple products. From setting up our wireless system in a large house to making sure our cloud of two Macs, two iPhones, two iPads, works and the calendar problems from mobile me are fixed, your breadth of knowledge is really appreciated. We have told several friends about your services and every one has thanked us numerous times for your work. Keep it up!

—Jodie and Sandy Glore, Naples

Hi Jeff, LaDonna and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy working with you with our various Apple devises. Your help and support has really been terrific. From the standpoint of solving problems and educating us on software and operations you have been a terrific resource. I believe the best part about working with you is your apparent love of what you do and your unrelenting curiosity to solve problems and answer questions.

Your service level in getting back to us whether we are “up north” or in Naples has always been appreciated. LaDonna and I also appreciate the friendship that has developed over the years we have worked together, including getting to know Kira.

— Best,LaDonna & Rich Matthes, Naples

Jeff, Many thanks again for your direction and confidence with navigating us through “at times” a maze and abundance of information to understand which application to use and device for our particular needs. The syncing demonstration that you showed has made our business and personal schedule more efficient for all.

Best of everything, see you in the cloud-:) 

—Tony and Kathy Curatolo, Naples

Jeff at Naples Mac Help has been an absolutely essential part of our online life. Whether it was training to use our Apple products, troubleshooting programs or applications that weren’t performing, or crisis management when we were recently infected with a scummy virus, Jeff has been there to help. Even when we are away in the summer months, he can be counted on to try and assist long-distance when we need it. He’s better than the Genius Bar and much more easily available.

—Carl S., Naples

Yes, Jeff knows his stuff.

But so do other MAC consultants. So what makes Jeff the Go-to guy when help is needed? It’s not just what he knows, it’s how he explains what he knows. Whether solving a problem, training on a new application, or consulting on the purchase of new hardware or software, no one does it with more clarity, and with an upbeat style that makes you look forward to the next time you need him. Jeff has been our Naples lifeline for several years. I can’t wait for my next problem.

—Harvey Karp, Naples

I am pleased to write about Jeff who has helped me and others to whom I referred him . On many number of situations – some not so difficult, but some serious, frustrating and needing a lot of help — he has come through with great ease. Because he solves issues so quickly, the cost of his consulting is less than some “experts”who are on the ” job training” at your expense rather than certified support professionals. My experience with Jeff has been great and I continue to use and recommend him.

—Bob Gicking, Naples

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